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about our acupuncturist 

                        Dr. Chen, PhD., L.Ac proposed to use acupuncture to generate body's self-cure function. Longstanding studied in clinic treatment and research, Dr. Chen has been using acupuncture and Chinese medicine together cure thousands people. Specifically, his unique method has curative effect on treat stroke, hemiplegic paralysis, pain, andropathy and gynecological disease.

                        Dr. Chen also achieved breakthrough in field of senile dementia treatment with acupuncture and invented "Chen's Acupuncture Method ", which promotes the self-regulation function of the body. With 30 years experiences and studies, Dr. Chen still strive to cure more people and bring back their healthy life. His outstanding contribution in the field of acupuncture was highly praised by David P.J. Hung, vice president World Acupuncture Association, who said: "Dr. Chen, a well-known Chinese doctor and acupuncturist, who has succeeded in studies of acupuncture theories and possesses acupuncture skills of first rank in the world."

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